• Promotes Immunity
  • Easily Absorbed
  • Rich in 100% Natural Good Fats
  • Promotes Ketosis

Main Benefit:

MCT Powder Oil is the Most Convenient Way to Kickstart Your Ketosis - No need to struggle with gloopy oil, now you can kickstart your ketosis with this natural fat burning powdered oil regardless of your dietary preferences.


Made with 100% GMO free Coconuts here’s what this amazing, tasteless weight loss booster does contain:

Caprylic Acid (C8 MCT) - gives you a quick dose of stable energy

Capric Acid (C10 MCT) - boosts your immunity

Lauric Acid (C12 MCT) - kick starts your natural fat burning potential.

Contains NO allergens or unnecessary fillers such as:

Shellfish, Eggs, Fish, Peanuts, Milk, Wheat, Soy, Gluten, Tree Nuts, Sodium, Magnesium Stearate, Stearic Acid, Dicalcium Phosphate, Silicon Dioxide,


You get 6g Guaranteed Purity and Potency MCT fats per serving that are turned into energy quickly, promoting ketosis and accelerating fat burning.

What to Expect?

A healthier, more energised body of course!

A lot of people struggle to follow a Ketogenic Diet because the feel lethargic in the time it takes for their bodies to adjust and reach full Ketosis. This is the time when most people desperately crave carbs and sugars, which is quite normal...

But with this wonderful MCT Powder Oil supplement you’re giving your body Medium Chain Triglycerides, partially man-made fats that stimulates your body’s natural fat burning potential, so your body is primed to burn stored fat and give you the extra energy you need.

Therefore, a single serving of the tasteless, easily absorbed MCT Powder Oil will help to initiate Ketosis and give a much needed energy boost. Without any sugars or carbs to curtail your Keto diet this is the best way to boost your body without bulging your belly! The potent MCT contents in this powdered oil is also eight times more effective than any other natural source of good fats, including coconut or palm-nut oil. Plus the powdered form of this oil makes it a mess free miracle cure for cravings and cave-ins.

How it Fits?

Reaching Ketosis is no easy task! During the beginning stages a lot of people simply give up because they’re not seeing results, they’re constantly tired and lack energy, they get the “Keto Flu”, they’re constipated, they have cravings.... Sound familiar yet?

With the MCT Powder Oil, a natural fat burner, you’ll be able to skip all these symptoms and jump into Ketogenesis more quickly and effectively than you ever thought possible. In fact if you use it regularly you can reach Ketosis in just a couple of days!

Whether you’ve hit a weight-loss plateau and you’re struggling to lose the last few stubborn pounds, or you’re struggling to reach the first stages of Ketogenesis... There is hope! The MCT Powder Oil will make sure your body is primed to burn stored fat by giving you a potent dose of fat-burning-fats that are absorbed directly into your bloodstream through the liver.

How to Use it?

Just add it to your breakfast, morning coffee or shake. Your body will absorb it quickly and start the Ketogenic cycle for the day.

For the best results use it before meals or exercise as this is when your body will need the helping hand to reach the optimum Ketogenic State the most.


  • Why use MCT Powder Oil instead of Coconut Oil?
  • Two reasons. Firstly the powdered form is less messy and easier to add to food and drinks than Coconut Oil. Secondly, one tablespoon of MCT Powder Oil contains 8 times more c8 and c10 MCT fats than the same amount of Coconut Oil.

  • Are there any negative side effects when using MCT Powder Oil?
  • No. there are absolutely no negative side effects when using MCT Powder Oil.

  • How quickly will I reach Ketogenesis with MCT Powder Oil?
  • Instantly. You’ll start seeing visible results in just a couple of days.

  • How effective is MCT Powder OIl?
  • MCT Powder Oil is the most effective does of MCT you can get. It will start Ketogenesis instantly and help break down even the most stubborn fat pockets, even if you’ve reached a weight-loss plateau.

  • How does MCT Powder Oil work?
  • Consisting of Medium Chain Triglycerides that are easily absorbed directly into the liver, MCT Powder Oil makes your body produce ketones instantly, which is essentially the start of Ketosis. It’s a natural fat-burner that starts the Ketogenic process with just one serving.

  • Why a powder, why not oil?
  • The powder is readily absorbed by the body and mixes into food and drinks much easier than oil, without leaving a residue.